One Week Game


An arcade action platformer


The pirate speaks, t’ ocean’s creatures have become t’ pirates and have taken over your ship.

They also looted yer booty ‘n cutlasses. 

Ye ‘n yer crew must wrap this up ‘n feed th’ sea life t’ th’ fishes.


Colin Capurso
Code and Graphic

Sam Wilksch
Sound Effects and Music

Game Play Instructions

Tie up ye foe.
Pick them up and throw them into the cage.
Collect booty.


My theme was: Captivity

My element was: Pirate

I just finished my game for the IndieSpeedRun. It’s called Yarrrgh. I wanted to make a multi-player game like the games I enjoy playing with friends; Bubble Bobble, Snow Bros, Pang.

The basic idea is simple, clear the screen to move onto the next level.

If all went to plan, the interaction with the other player and the mechanics should make this a fun game. As it is at the moment, it needs more levels.

Mono and SFML

This is the first time I developed a game using Mono, SFML and MonoDevelop. I had just recently finished porting my basic engine into SFML with very few dramas.

I found SFML to be really good. A few little things bug me. Like rotation taking in degrees instead of radians, Sound/Music volume being a range from 0-100 instead of 0-1 and not being able to modify Sprite dimensions without creating a new IntRect.

There are some huge benefits for using this over XNA (We’re talking making games in C#).

  • No installation
    Assuming the player has .NET installed, my games don’t need to be installed on their computers. That’s fantastic because I don’t want to install games and I don’t want to expect other people to.
  • Cross Platform
    Windows and Linux with little effort. Mac as well if you pay for it.

Things Learnt

Whiteboards are amazing for getting organised. Being organised increases productivity by a lot.

SFML 2.0 64-bit libraries are really slow (on Windows 7 64-bit). I switched to the 32-bit libraries for a huge speed boost.

Making games is easy and hard. The coding is easy, the design is hard. Both code design and game design. Graphics are also easy, but that’s because I have a lot of practice.


The game isn’t ready for download yet.

  • I’m going to add a few more levels and fix some simple bugs like Score/Lives not being saved.
  • Change up a couple of graphics.
  • Implement Baddies animations

This jam has a been a lot of fun. Very tiring, I got about 2 hours sleep last night so this morning was bit rough. I don’t expect to win Indie Speed Run but I hope I can get some good constructive feedback.